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Removing spots from carpets can be simple or tedious depending on how long it has been on the carpet. At times, multiple applications of a spot removal solution is required. Never use a circular motion to remove a spot as this destroys the texture of the carpet.

To prevent wick up, the final step is to rinse with water, blot dry, then place several paper towels over the damp area. Finally, place a suitable weighted object on the paper towels to keep them in contact with the carpet. This allows the water to be soaked up by the paper towels, rather than seeping back into the carpet. Allow to dry, and remove the weighted object and paper towels, then brush up the pile.

Test all solutions on an inconspicuous area of your carpet, as they may may affect its color or texture. Do not use any solutions from the test area that wipe off on a white paper towel.

We strongly recommend that you call a professional carpet cleaning company to ensure the best result for your carpet.


  • Acid toilet bowl cleaners
  • Acne medication
  • Alkaline drain cleaners
  • Chlorinated bleach
  • Hair dyes
  • Iodine
  • Insecticides
  • Mustard with tumeric

Plant fertilizers and stains of this nature cannot be removed as they have permanently altered the carpet's color. Call a professional. In most situations, these stains have to be cut out from the carpet and replaced with material from another location, such as a closet.

Two easy ways to keep your carpet clean


Vacuum your carpet often (1-2 times per week). Vacuuming removes the abrasive soil that can cut and slice the fibre causing premature wear to your carpet. Much of this soil is not visible to the eye so vacuum your carpet before it looks soiled.


As a general rule, carpet cleaning by a professional and certified firm should take place once a year. For extremely heavy traffic areas, cleaning may be required more often. Pre-spray and rinse carpet cleaning has become a highly technical and demanding industry. One of the main issues in the business is the improvement of the indoor air quality. This issue has led to an increase in demand for advanced cleaning compounds that reduce health concerns.

When cleaning agents remains in a carpet, they naturally attract more soil than a residue free carpet. Most cleaning agents are mild to strong alkalis; the opposite of acids. These cleaning agents remove most acidic soils found in residential carpets, but can leave the carpet in an alkaline state. This alkaline state can contribute to a number of problems with the health and longevity of the carpet.

High alkalinity can contribute to organic growth, color loss, carpet browning, rapid resoiling, latex glue breakdown, fluorochemical protector failure, and a host of other problems. A carpet should be left in its original mildly acidic state to stabilize colors, reduce or eliminate browning, and leave the carpet softer and more resistant to acidic soiling.

How can you get the cleaning power you need while satisfying the demand for a healthy, residue-free carpet?

Esteam recommends a two step prespray and rinse system. This system delivers maximum cleaning ability with opimal efficiency. A good pre-spray can reduce your cleaning time by 20 to 40 percent.

Simply apply an Esteam Prespray to the entire carpet using an injection sprayer hooked up to your truckmount pressure system. Let the pre-spray soak for 10-15 minutes before extracting (ranking in the prespray will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the chemical action). After the minimum soaking time, extract the carpet using fresh water with Esteam Fibre Rinse and allow it to dry. Through this process, you will find the carpet softer, fresher, and cleaner, than with any other cleaning procedure.


5 Reasons Why you should ALWAYS Protect Your Carpet:

  1. Reduces permanent stains
  2. Helps save your traffic areas from becoming destroyed
  3. Make spots easier to remove
  4. Makes your next professional cleaning more effective
  5. Helps avoid costly service calls
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