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As you know commercial carpet care is totally different than Residential. Installations, type of carpet construction and maintenance programs play a very important role in this area.

Most of the companies use traditional methods to clean the carpet. Therefore, when some common problems such as but not limited to wicking, recurring spill stains, big bubbles and quick resoling appear, they are not able to deal with them and here is where Baires Carpet Cleaning has a high level of expertise. Unlike many other companies, Baires uses its unique “crystallizing encapsulation cleaning process” to take carpet care to a completely new level. Encapsulation carpet cleaning produces unmatched results on commercial carpets.


  • Ideal for commercial carpet maintenance
  • Deep penetrating cleaning
  • Dries to crystallized residue
  • No rinsing required (reduces wicking and recurring spill stains)
  • Non sticky residue will not attract other soil
  • Carpet stays clean longer than traditional cleaning methods

If you are looking for the best process to clean your carpet and take advantage of your investment, call us for a free demonstration. We will show you why this is a revolutionary system and a new concept in the carpet cleaning industry.

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